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Sponsors of Local Football Talent – FSE

FSE Electrical Ltd - Latest News | Comments Off on Sponsors of Local Football Talent – FSE
Sponsors of Local Football Talent – FSE

FSE are Proud Sponsors of Local Football Talent

Being part of a local community isn’t just about providing essential services it’s also about sharing the aspirations of that community and helping to nurture the talent of future generations. For the past three years FSE has had the honour of sponsoring the under 15s football team which forms part of St Joseph’s YFC academy.

Based in Luton, St Joseph’s academy aims to provide young people, regardless of gender or ability, the opportunity to develop their footballing skills, enjoy high quality coaching, and be part of a team environment with high aspirations.

Football – the Winning Formula

FSE - Sponsors of Local Football Talent

At FSE we are passionate about teamwork, and our reputation has been built on the second-to-none customer service we have offered to a range of industrial, commercial and domestic clients across the UK. We believe in sponsoring football because it provides young people with all the ingredients which have been central to FSE’s growth and success:

Teamwork – star players are important but it’s the team spirit, incorporating a whole range of different skills, which makes a team greater than the sum of its parts. Our electricians depend on each other for the different skills they bring to each job and it’s their collaborative approach which makes their work first class.

Tactics – footballers need skill on the ball but they also need to understand tactics in order to be valuable members of a team. The FSE teams often take on large-scale projects which require complex planning, scheduling and detailed negotiation with other contractors; without these skills they couldn’t produce quality results to the promised deadline.

Discipline – even the most skilled player is useless to the team without discipline and there’s many a promising player who’s doesn’t make the grade because they can’t commit to training. All our electricians will tell you that a team without discipline can’t get the job done effectively, no matter how many qualifications they bring to it.

Going for Goal – goals are what football’s all about, but teams aren’t just made up of strikers. A game of football is won by a combination of defenders, mid-fielders, goal-keepers and goal-scorers. The FSE team depend on each other when they’re working on sites, and they know that every single one of the team is indispensable.

FSE Sponsoring the Future

We’re looking forward to the excitement of ST Joseph’s YFC under 15’s season, and we’re right behind the talented team. We wish them every success and we’re proud to be a part of this great academy.

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