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North London Domestic Electrician

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North London Domestic Electrician

Electrical Installation And Repair In North London

If you own and rent out properties in North London, at some point you will need the services of a North London domestic electrician. Nothing lasts forever, and this includes the electrical wiring in domestic premises. Indeed, if it is over 40 years old it is a very good idea to get it checked over by North London electrical contractors because as wiring ages it can become positively dangerous. Certainly, the wiring in your properties may still be in good condition, but with things such as electricity there is no point in taking chances.

Unfortunately, electrical wiring is something that the vast majority of people take for granted for the simple reason that it is just “there”. As long as it works, we really don’t give it a second thought. It is the same with plumbing, the roof, and even the garden fence. At least with a garden fence you can see when it starts to become a problem, but with electrical wiring you can’t.

Get Your Wiring Checked by a North London Domestic Electrician

This is why you should get your wiring checked over by electricians in North London who can give you a report on the condition and advise on any remedial action that should be taken. If need be, it is far better to spend the money to rewire a home than risk the likelihood of a fire which could at best destroy the home and at worst could be fatal. Fire and rescue services attended approximately 162,000 fires in 2015-2016 and there were 191 fire-related fatalities in accidental dwelling fires.

Of course, as home electrical installers in North London we can carry out all of the electrical installation work on any type of development that you may be involved in as a construction business. We have been providing electrical installation services to companies in North London for over 35 years and have been involved in many types of refurbishment and upgrading on older buildings where the clients needed to bring them up to date with the latest solutions.

All our electrical installers hold a range of safety accreditations including ConstructionLine, Safecontractor and CHAS and they place the needs and requirements of clients at the heart of everything they do.

This includes the installation of electric central heating systems to replace old and worn out heating systems in blocks of flats and also in many new builds. Electric central heating is considerable more energy efficient than the old boiler systems since there is no heat loss from pipes. Each radiator in an electric system has its’ own thermostat that is accurate to within half a degree. This ensures that the level of comfort is correct for the size of the room, and each room in the building is individually controlled.

We can also install any security systems that you may need for your properties, such as security lighting, fire alarm systems, and CCTV.

Whatever your needs for a North London domestic electrician, FSE Contractors is here for you. We have successfully worked with many partners in North London, but we are always looking to meet new clients, so if you have a project that is coming up in the future we will be delighted offer you a quotation.

If you require a North London Domestic Electrician or for surrounding areas, contact our friendly staff today on 01582 564531 or via email at

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