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FSE Electrical Contractors in Chelsea, London

FSE Electrical Ltd - Latest News, Latest Projects | Comments Off on FSE Electrical Contractors in Chelsea, London
FSE Electrical Contractors in Chelsea, London

FSE Electrical Contractors in Chelsea, London

For over 35 years, FSE Electrical Contractors has been growing its network by providing excellent customer service, a highly skilled team who thrive on professional challenges, and great, long-standing relationships with our clients. We are now proud to be able to add St George, part of the prestigious Berkley Group, to our portfolio. This powerful partnership has been responsible for shaping a number of new living spaces in London, which provide not only a place to live, but also a unique environment in which to shop, eat, get fit and relax.

FSE Electrical Contractors at St George – Berkley Homes, Chelsea Creek, London

FSE was contracted to provide the electrical infrastructure for two residential blocks – Lockside House and The Tower – which form the centrepiece to Chelsea Creek, the latest residential development to emerge from the St George/Berkley Group partnership. This was a two-stage process for FSE Electrical contractors comprising:

Stage One – the provision and installation of cabling for the electrical supply to the apartments situated in Lockside House, and The Tower.

Stage Two – installation of lighting fixtures and fittings throughout the apartments.

The waterside setting provided by Chelsea Creek, and the stunning views of the river and city skyline afforded by the prime location, make the apartments luxury residential units. As such, the standard of work required by each and every contractor was extremely high and the FSE team were able to demonstrate the skills, experience and consummate professionalism that has allowed us to grow successfully as both a local and a national electrical contractor.

Highly Recommended Electrical Contractors in Chelsea, London

We are now happy to report that the contract for Chelsea Creek, London is complete, and has been satisfactorily delivered on deadline, and to budget. Having worked on a range of electrical contracting projects over the years, ranging from domestic repairs to national flagship and commercial work for prestigious clients, we have the experience to develop the professional relationships required to get the job done, and we’re experts at collaborating with fellow contractors to ensure a collaborative, productive schedule. At heart, we believe in two things, satisfying our clients, and teamwork. These have stood us in good stead for the last four decades, and we’ll be taking them with us, wherever the work leads, in the next four decades!

FSE Electrical Contractors Limited are always looking for the opportunity to work with new and existing clients. If you require electrical contractors in Chelsea, London or any where in the UK, contact our friendly staff today on 01582 564531 or via email at

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