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Electrical Work for Bedford

FSE Electrical Ltd - Latest News | Comments Off on Electrical Work for Bedford
Electrical Work for Bedford

FSE Contractors Can Undertake All Electrical Work For Bedford

As local electrical contractors of some 35 years standing, FSE Contractors is uniquely qualified to undertake all electrical work for Bedford, both domestic and commercial. Whatever you need done, whether it is just fitting a new light switch in your kitchen, or installing the electrics in a brand new 20 storey building, FSE Contractors can handle all electrical installation work in Bedford.

Perhaps you are going to install a new pond in your garden and you would like a fountain in the middle of it. FSE electrical contractors for Bedford can do that with ease. In fact, now is a very good time of year to do it so that your super fountain display is ready for the summer. That will make your friends and neighbours green with envy when you invite them round for a barbecue!

If you are thinking of buying a house, but the wiring is suspect, we can come over and check it out for you before you put in a bid. That way you can be sure not to put in a bid that is too high and then be faced with the prospect of paying for the rewiring also.

Electrical Work Emergency?

Got an emergency? Have your lights gone out? Look outside down the street. If everyone else has no lights then it is a power failure. However, if your home is the only one in the dark, then you have an emergency on your hands.

Don’t worry! FSE Contractors operates genuine 24 hour 7 day emergency service in electrical work for Bedford, so you can give us a call right now and we will send a qualified electrician over to get you up and running again. Don’t just sit there in the dark with no TV.

Maybe you run a business and you need temporary electrical works in Bedford. FSE contractors can help you with any and all temporary electrical requirements including plant hire. We can provide temporary lighting, podiums, scaffolds, site boxes, and transformers for your outdoor rock concert to be held in August, and we can provide emergency lighting, temporary plumbing, undertake repairs to damaged electrical and water supplies, and carry out site welfare maintenance to electrical works in Bedford.

Electric Central Heating

Perhaps your central heating is not what it was. If you have an old system, as electrical contractors for Bedford we can replace it with a modern electrical central heating system that is much more efficient and will save money on your utility bill. In fact, electric central heating is 100% energy efficient because all the energy is converted to heat. In conventional heating systems where water is heated in a boiler some of the heat is lost through the pipes as the water is pushed around the home.

With electric central heating each radiator has a thermostat that is accurate to within half a degree. The thermostat measures the heat in each room and switches the radiator on or off accordingly, which is far more efficient than having one thermostat which takes no account of the conditions in the rest of the home.

Whatever requirements you have for electrical work in Bedford, FSE Contractors has the answer, so call us now for all electrical problems.

Local Electrician for Bedford – FSE Electrical Contractors Limited are always looking for the opportunity to work with new and existing clients. If you require an electrician for Bedford and surrounding areas contact our friendly staff today on 01582 564531 or via email at

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