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In need of an electrical refurbishment?

FSE Electrical Ltd - Latest News | Comments Off on In need of an electrical refurbishment?
In need of an electrical refurbishment?

Electrical Refurbishment | Industrial Lighting | LED Lighting

How Energy Efficient is Your Company?

Over the Christmas period many commercial and public buildings add more lights to their properties. Unfortunately, many of these lighting installations have technical problems that could affect nearby electronic devices and could benefit from an electrical refurbishment sooner rather than later.

A recent report from Ofcom suggests that fairy lights, commonly used on Christmas trees, can actually slow your Wi-Fi signal. Other devices including microwave ovens and baby monitors can also disrupt the quality of a Wi-FI signal. If your building has a poorly designed industrial lighting installation, it can impact the quality of your Wi-Fi, which can in turn damage productivity in the workplace.

The type of lighting installation chosen for a commercial or public building is often an afterthought, but your choice of lighting infrastructure is incredibly important for a number of reasons:

  • More reliability snd less interference with other systems

    Well-designed industrial lighting installations will not interfere with other electrical infrastructure present in the building including Wi-Fi, security systems and refrigeration devices
  • Productivity and comfort

    Quality lighting can improve the productivity of staff and their comfort in the workplace.
  • Energy costs
    LED lighting and intelligent lighting systems can significantly reduce energy costs in a commercial or public building. FSE Electrical Contractors Ltd specialise in LED Lighting design and installation.
  • More sales

    Well designed lighting can improve sales in a commercial environment. Accent lighting and ambient lighting can have a significant impact on sales!

It is important for business owners to understand how much money is being spent on lighting in the day-to-day operation of their business. It is estimated that up to 40% of a building’s electricity is used by lighting. There are significant cost savings available by improving the efficiency of your lighting installation.

In most cases, the expense of a complete electrical refurbishment is cheaper than continuing to deal with an inefficient, out of date and problematic lighting installation. New energy-efficient LED lighting systems can pay for themselves with energy savings in a few short years. If you are interested in a complete electrical refurbishment or LED Lighting design and installation, contact our friendly staff today on 01582 564531

Safe Contractor Award

In other news, we are delighted to announce FSE Electrical Contractors Ltd have been accredited with SAFEcontractor. SAFEcontractor is the UK’s fastest growing health and safety assessment scheme. This accreditation confirms our commitment to providing electrical refurbishment services in a professional and safe manner. Read more here…

Recent Case Studies

It has been a very busy year for FSE Electrical Contractors Ltd and we have performed many successful electrical refurbishments and industrial lighting installations throughout the UK. Some of our recent projects include:

NEC Resorts World Birmingham — Project for Briggs & Forrester

This large project took a total of 18-months to complete. It involved the installation of lighting and electrical infrastructure in Resorts World Birmingham, a location which includes retail stores, a boutique hotel, casino, pubs, restaurants and much more. Working in conjunction with Briggs & Forrester, we completed the contract on-time and on-budget.

Hilljet — Project at Peterborough

We have been working in conjunction with Hilljet Construction Limited on a number of electrical refurbishment projects over the past two years. We have successfully completed lighting and electrical projects at Garrick House, 51 Broadway, The Sands and Scarborough. We have more exciting projects scheduled with Hilljet in 2016 and it is shaping up to be a busy year for both companies!

Centenary Court Sheltered Housing

FSE Electrical Contractors Ltd, working in partnership with BTS of Luton Burough Council, have won a contract for the electrical refurbishment of Centenary Court Sheltered Housing in Luton. This project will commence in the first week of January 2016. Read more here…

Why FSE are the Perfect Choice for Lighting Installations and Upgrades

FSE Electrical Contractors Ltd. specialise in electrical refurbishments as well as LED lighting design and installation. If you are thinking of performing a complete electrical refurbishment or switching to LED lighting, contact our friendly staff today on 01582 564531 or via email at