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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

FSE Electrical Contractors are the Ideal Choice for Electrical Installation Condition Reports

It’s all too easy to forget to make regular safety checks on our electrical installations and appliances; after all, cables tend to be hidden from view and as long as everything continues to work when we need it, why worry? Long-term neglect, however, can lead to house-fires, injury and death, so it’s an issue that we all need to be aware of. The Electrical Safety Council has particular concerns about people renting properties without any clear history of checks being carried out on the electrical installations provided by the landlord. Since 2009, it has been law, therefore, for landlords to carry out regular electrical inspections on their properties, and provide tenants with proof of this.

FSE Electrical Contractors Are a Reliable, Professional Choice for Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Electrical Installation Condition Reports need to be carried out by a registered electrician on a regular basis. Our FSE electricians have undertaken this kind of work for a number of years now, and we are highly experienced in testing domestic installations. The aims of a condition report are as follows:

  • To ensure that all the installations provided by the landlord can safely be used by tenants.
  • To report any damage found, or signs of wear and tear, and to make repairs where necessary.
  • To find and report any element of the electrical installation which doesn’t meet the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) guidelines.
  • To report anything that could be the cause of electrical shocks, or excessive temperatures.
  • To record accurately the findings of the condition report, the date on which it was carried out, the electrician who undertook the report, and provide appropriate certification.

All our electrical installers hold a range of safety accreditations including ConstructionLine, Safecontractor and CHAS and they place the needs and requirements of clients at the heart of everything they do.

FSE Electrical Contractors Recommend Regular Electrical Installation Condition Reports

The Electrical Safety Council stipulates that a condition report should be undertaken on the landlord’s behalf, whenever a change of occupancy occurs. There is some leeway if the tenancy has been less than six months, and in such cases a visual condition report is considered acceptable practice. Our FSE electricians, however, always err on the side of caution where electricity is concerned and we strongly recommend that full inspections take place before each change of tenancy.

If you require an electrical installation condition report, contact our friendly staff today by phone or via email at

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