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Electrical Contractors in Luton

FSE Electrical Ltd - Latest News | Comments Off on Electrical Contractors in Luton
Electrical Contractors in Luton

FSE Electrical Contractors in Luton Offer a Broad Range of Services

Meeting the daily challenges of a bustling, diverse city keeps the FSE team of electrical contractors in Luton busy and on their toes from moment to moment. Luton’s unique blend of industry, commerce and domestic households ensures that our work is varied, both in size and in personnel; it’s not unusual for one of our Luton electricians to be changing a socket for an elderly resident in the morning, and then contributing to an electrical infrastructure installation at Luton London airport in the afternoon.

As a provider of choice when it comes to electrical contractors in Luton, we have learnt to work efficiently and flexibly with our varied clients. Adaptability is a highly prized skill and our Luton electricians are recognised for being able to bring their experience and professionalism to bear whatever their working environment.

Domestic Electrical Contractors in Luton

Over more than three decades we have been providing a broad range of domestic electrical services to our domestic customers across Luton. We are known for providing a rapid response to the electrical problems you may encounter in your home, and when the time comes for the ‘larger’ electrical investments in your property – such as rewiring – FSE electrical contractors in Luton can be relied upon to give you sound advice, professional service, and an excellent price. We work to build relationships with our domestic customers, which is perhaps why we are one of the most sought after electrical installation companies in Luton.

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Commercial Electrical Contractors in Luton

Luton is a city brimming with entrepreneurs, businesses large and small, industry and local government services. As leading electrical contractors in Luton our professional team of designers, engineers and installers are comfortable working in the full-range of sectors, providing high quality services which include fire-alarm design and installation, security systems, data cabling, electrical infrastructure design, lighting installation, mains and sub-main design. Whether we’re providing temporary lighting on a building site, or working with architects on a flagship design project, we bring the same core values of professionalism, efficiency, attention to detail and customer service to bear.

Environmentally-Friendly Electrical Contractors in Luton

Probably the greatest change we have experienced over our thirty-five years of working as electrical contractors in Luton, is the growth in concern – both domestically and commercially – in environmentally-friendly technologies which can contribute to a reduction in our carbon footprint. At FSE we are advocates of innovate energy-saving technologies which both protect the environment and are hugely cost-effective. Our Luton electricians are knowledgeable in this area, and can offer helpful advice on environmentally-friendly options for your home or place of business.

FSE Electrical Contractors Limited are always looking for the opportunity to work with new and existing clients. If you require electrical services throughout Luton contact our friendly staff today on 01582 564531 or via email at

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