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Need A Commercial Electrician In Bedford?

FSE Electrical Ltd - Latest News | Comments Off on Need A Commercial Electrician In Bedford?
Need A Commercial Electrician In Bedford?

Need A Commercial Electrician In Bedford? Look No Further Than FSE.

When you need a commercial electrician Bedford, there are a few things to take into consideration. The most important of these is to ensure that you are hiring a company that has all of the necessary skills to undertake the work required. While you may only have a small job that needs doing such as installing an extra power socket or two, it could equally be the case that you need your factory completely rewired, so you need to be certain that the company you are looking at is competent to undertake every sort of work, including the largest of contracts.

FSE Contractors has been in business as electrical contractors in Bedford for over 35 years. We are a SafeContractor Approved, and CHAS Accredited Contractors, so you know that your work will be in safe hands. As commercial electrical installers in Bedford we are capable of undertaking the very largest of works as we have sufficient qualified electricians to handle contracts of any size.

One of the most important aspects of our work is electrical maintenance contracts. Every business that owns and operates a building, whether it is a small office or a major factory, should have an ongoing maintenance contract with a competent licensed commercial electrician in Bedford. As electricians in the Bedford area, FSE Contractors has maintenance agreements with many business and local government agencies in order to ensure that their electrical systems are always safe, and to undertake upgrade work when it is necessary.

Electrical Safety is Paramount

Electrical safety in any business is paramount. As commercial electricians for Bedford we see many instances where equipment needs updating or parts need replacing in order to ensure that electrical safety is always at the highest level. This also ensures that local businesses in Bedford don’t suffer the problem of breakdowns occurring.

If your factory comes to a standstill because of a major fault, with the best will in the world you will lose production, which in turn means that you lose money. It could even mean that you lose customers who decide to take their business elsewhere because you failed to keep to delivery schedules. In the worst case scenario faulty electrical equipment can be the cause of fires and even death. A major fire caused by an electrical fault could easily destroy your business. Indeed, fires caused by electrical faults now account for approximately a quarter of all fires in the UK.

A regular maintenance service will ensure that your premises are always up to date and safe. We inspect everything for electrical safety and report to you on any parts that should be updated. As a commercial electrician for Bedford we can spot things that are going to fail before they do so. This gives you the chance to have repairs and upgrades undertaken and keep your business running smoothly without any hiccups.

Commercial Electrician in Bedford – FSE Electrical Contractors Limited are always looking for the opportunity to work with new and existing clients. If you require an electrician for Bedford and surrounding areas contact our friendly staff today on 01582 564531 or via email at

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