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Carrying out a Fire Safety Review is a Priority for Landlords

FSE Electrical Ltd - Latest News | Comments Off on Carrying out a Fire Safety Review is a Priority for Landlords
Carrying out a Fire Safety Review is a Priority for Landlords

Carrying out a Fire Safety Review is a Priority for Landlords

The recent tragic event at Grenfell Tower reminds us what a terrifyingly destructive force fire can be once it takes hold, and stands as a timely reminder that landlords bear a responsibility for ensuring that their properties meet fire regulations, and provide safeguards for residents in the case of fire. The Fire Safety Order (FSO) provides a comprehensive list of regulations and guidelines for building owners. It’s a daunting document to try to decipher, as there are numerous different regulations for different types of building. FSE Electrical Contractors has been working with the FSO since its publication in 2005, and we are now offering building owners fire risk assessments in order to provide them with peace of mind.

What is a Fire Safety Review?

The aim of a Fire Safety Review is to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of the building. Once a full list of fire hazards has been drawn up, and they have been rated as high, moderate or low-risk, we help landlords to develop a fire safety plan which will provide a guarantee of safety for residents. For domestic properties, the kitchen would be considered a high-risk fire hazard, as would any rooms occupied by disabled tenants, or children. In these instances, the plan would need to demonstrate a recognition of the specific hazards, and the measures put in place to mitigate them.

FSE Electrical Contractors Provide Clear Fire Safety Guidance

The key to managing fire risks is to recognise that early detection could mean the difference between life and death for a family experiencing a fire. The FSE fire safety team have years of experience when it comes to safeguarding properties against fire, and they will be able to offer expert advice on fitting fire alarms, and a detection system. For apartment blocks, each flat should be fitted with smoke detectors, and each floor should have clearly marked fire compartmentation doors, with highly visible signage advising tenant of the nearest escape routes.

If you own a building which has not had a Fire Safety Review in the last twelve months, contact FSE Electrical Contractors for advice and support on ensuring you can meet the legal requirements.